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Peter Hanington

Peter Hanington is the author of A Dying Breed. He has worked as a journalist for over twenty-five years, including fourteen years at the Today Programme and more recently The World Tonight and Newshour on the BBC World Service. He lives in London with his wife and has two grown-up children.
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Two Roads

A Dying Breed

Peter Hanington
Peter Hanington

'TREMENDOUS' William Boyd'AMAZINGLY GRIPPING' Melvyn Bragg'A BELTING GOOD READ' A.L. Kennedy'BRILLIANT' Evan Davis'I LOVED EVERY MINUTE IN THIS BOOK'S COMPANY' Fi Glover'A NATURAL STORYTELLER' John Humphrys'URGENT, COMPELLING' Gillian Reynolds'DEEPLY INTELLIGENT' Will GompertzKabul, Afghanistan.William Carver, a veteran but unpredictable BBC hack, is thrown into the unknown when a bomb goes off killing a local official. Warned off the story from every direction, Carver won't give in until he finds the truth.Patrick, a young producer, is sent out on his first foreign assignment to control the wayward Carver, but as the story unravels it looks like the real story lies between the shadowy corridors of the BBC, the perilous streets of Kabul and the dark chambers of Whitehall.Set in a shadowy le-Carré-esque world, A Dying Breed is a gripping novel about journalism in a time of war,about the struggle to tell the stories that need to be told - even if it is much easier not to.(P) 2016 John Murray Press