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Robert Pobi

Robert Pobi is an internationally bestselling novelist whose work has been published in more than fifteen countries. He spends the summer months in a cabin in the mountains, and when he's not writing at a desk once owned by Robert Calvi, he fishes for everything that swims - from great white sharks off Montauk to the monstrous pike of northern Finland. He collects early twentieth century American art, listens to a little too much Motorhead, and doesn't do Twitter. He also really digs Rice Krispies treats.
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Robert Pobi
Robert Pobi

The launch of a major new American thriller series with a brilliant hero: Lucas Page sees crime from a different angle, and only he can stop a series of impossible killings.The shot is impossible.In the middle of a blizzard, down a busy New York avenue, into a moving car.The agent in charge knows of only one man with the skills to work out where the bullet came from. Lucas Page, former child prodigy and physics professor, sees crime from a different angle - his ability to read a scene is uncanny.Page quit the FBI after it nearly cost him his life. He swore to stay away: but this victim is his former partner, and he can't resist the call to help.But the death is only the first in a series of meticulously planned murders, unlike anything Page has seen before.To catch a seemingly unstoppable killer, Page must discover the well-hidden secret connecting the victims - before he and his family get caught in the crossfire...'A great plot, a great setting, and even better characters - I loved this.' Lee Child, Sunday Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series'A page-turner painted with soaring prose that makes you want to read every sentence twice. In Dr Lucas Page, Robert Pobi has created a unique and modern protagonist...He'll be back and so will I.' Gregg Hurwitz, Sunday Times bestselling author of Orphan X(P)2019 Hodder & Stoughton Limited