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Jean Robb & Hilary Letts

Jean Robb and Hilary Letts are educational therapists who have set up the education foundation Successful Learning in Merseyside to enable all children, even those labelled dull, lazy, naughty, difficult or remedial, to astound themselves and their teachers by making good the damage of years of missed or misunderstood lessons and mixed messages.
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Creating Kids Who Can Concentrate

Jean Robb & Hilary Letts, Hilary Letts
Jean Robb & Hilary Letts, Hilary Letts

This book is about success and transformation. It shows how, with patience and energy, parents and teachers can turn a child who is noisy, clumsy and forgetful into a child who is calm, careful, thoughtful and attentive - without the aid of drugs which are so often and controversially prescribed for what is labelled ADD. With their groundbreaking methods, Jean Robb and Hilary Letts have had impressive results and in this practical and realistic book they show how to effectively develop a child's potential in a remarkably short time. Giving their expert guidance on dealing with disruptive or bizarre behaviour, they also show how to bring on a child's innate skills - and how every child is capable of overcoming the problem - and the label.