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Liz Simpson

LIZ SIMPSON is a freelance writer, and contributes regularly to a wide number of top-selling women's, business and lifestyle magazines around the world. She is the bestselling author of The Book of Crystal Healing (1997) and The Book of Chakra Healing (1998), both published by Gaia Books Ltd.
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Breathing Free

Teresa Hale, Liz Simpson
Teresa Hale, Liz Simpson

At the heart of the Buteyko Method lies the recognition that some 200 diseases, including respiratory conditions like asthma, develop because of hyperventilation. By altering your breathing patterns, you can radically improve your health, relieve symptoms and sometimes even eradicate illnesses without the need for drugs. The simple breathing exercises are based on 45 years of practical and empirical research by leading Russian medical scientist Professor Buteyko and are now used with great success around the world. Written by the founder of London's leading alternative clinic, the Hale Clinic, as well as a top practitioner of the Method, this book is set to radically improve the health of all those who embark on its 5-day programme.