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Erika Mailman

Erika Mailman was born in Vermont to a German-American family. She is a descendent of a woman who stood trial for witchcraft in 1600s Massachusetts, three decades before the Salem witch trials. She has a Masters degree in Creative Writing, and now lives in Oakland, California.
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The Witch's Trinity

Erika Mailman
Erika Mailman

Witch...Some words can kill Germany, 1507. In a time when famine is rife and panic spreading, people resort to desperate measures in order to survive.When a visiting friar suggests that witchcraft is to blame for their failing crops, Irmeltrud sees it as an opportunity to get rid of her burdensome mother-in-law, Güde. Frustrated with having to feed the old woman who brings nothing to the table, she is quick to point the dreaded finger of suspicion. Güde has three days to clear her name, or be led to the stake . . .