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Don Van Natta Jr

Don Van Natta has been a top reporter for the Times among many other newspapers and is a bestselling author. He has worked on Pulitzer winning projects and has broken high-profile stories on Hillary Clinton and American political scandals.
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John Murray

Hillary Clinton - Her Way

Jeff Gerth, Don Van Natta Jr
Jeff Gerth, Don Van Natta Jr

Hillary Clinton is the most famous, enigmatic and controversial woman in America. She stands on the brink of becoming the first woman in its history with a shot at the presidency. What is the story behind her meteoric rise? Here, the 30-year arc of her career is compellingly scrutinised by two Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalists, with explosive results. From her aggressive efforts to control her image to her ambiguous partnership with Bill, both her private and her public personas are fully and frankly treated. While it is punctuated with fresh disclosures from hundreds of new sources, this nuanced portrait does justice to its complex, contradictory subject. Fresh evidence of her involvement in a swirl of corruption, lies cover-ups and stolen records is counterpointed with insights into her extraordinary resolve under pressure. For the first time the veil has been lifted to reveal Hillary Clinton's true colours.