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Eric Nakagawa

Eric Nakagawa and team are the creative force behind, which only began in January 2007 but attracts millions of visitors every month. It has been featured in The Times, the Independent, the New York Times and Time.
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I Can Has Cheezburger

Eric Nakagawa
Eric Nakagawa

The definitive guide to the cute, strange and esoteric world of lolcats and lolcat speak.Instead of just slapping some lolcats on the page and calling it a book, ICHC proposes a more helpful approach, hosted by Professor Happycat. In his Guide to Lolcats, Professor Happycat shows the reader the finer points of ICHC's most popular memes, including Caturday; Monorail Cat; Im in ur X, Y-ing ur Z; Invisible X; I has a flavour; Halp!; Do Not Want; Oh Noes! and many more.Each page includes an official lolcat definition of the meme along with pronunciation and examples of real life lolspeak situations (i.e. iz u reddy for mah lolcat book?). In approximately 150-200 user and owner generated photos, lolcat lovers can get their fix, even when they're unplugged.