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James Bidwell

Disrupt! is written by the team at Springwise, the most cutting edge online resource for innovation spotting and business ideas. Powered by their network of over 20,000 Springspotters in 190+ countries, Springwise curate and publish the most exciting global innovations every day.

James Bidwell is the majority shareholder and CEO of Springwise and has been described as "Selfridges' ringmaster extraordinaire", as "a theatrical agitator", listed in the Financial Times Creative Business Top 50, named as one of London's 1000 most influential by the London Evening Standard; amongst many other tributes during his successful career in leading transformational change in business.

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James Bidwell
James Bidwell

'This book is a gift to everyone with a desire to enter a world where extraordinary thingshappen' Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder, The Eden Project 'This inspired and inspiring book can be a crystal ball to help you see into your own creative future' Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMANA PRACTICAL OVERVIEW OF CONTEMPORARY INNOVATION WITH SIMPLE, IMPLEMENTABLE STRATEGIES FOR THINKING MORE CREATIVELYCompiled by Springwise, the global innovation discovery engine, Disrupt! explains and highlights the best, most disruptive and most useful innovation ideas of the 21st Century, and shows which themes underpin their success and which ideas can best be used to drive creativity in your workplace, office or industry.Springwise has a huge online readership (700k page impressions a month, 31k FB followers, 62k Twitter followers and an email database of 160k names) and a reputation as the number one engine for collating and sharing cutting edge business ideas. This attractively designed book draws on their vast archive and the expertise of their editorial team to create a practical, themed overview of contemporary innovation with simple, implementable strategies for bringing more creativity to your business or idea and more disruption to your industry. It is an indispensable handbook to modern innovation.'Almost too good to share!' Seth Godin.