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Brian Salter
Brian Salter

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August: The Mulholland Month Of Death

Mulholland Newsletter August 9th

Yes, it’s a melodramatic beginning… but what can you do when the two books we publish this month are called THE FROZEN DEAD and THIS IS HOW YOU DIE? Move over Scandinavia… the French are coming. As proved by the success of The Returned and Pierre Lemaitre’s Alex, French crime is officially the next big thing. The perfect chilling summer read, THE FROZEN DEAD has already been picked as Irish Tatler’s book of the month. And the blogger over at CrimeFictionLover agrees with us: ‘This is a perfect holiday read: its dark wintery landscapes will chill and thrill you on hot summer days’ Meanwhile, THIS IS HOW YOU DIE takes the concept of a Machine of Death that is always right in its predictions (but not always how you expect) and delivers a host of fun, startling, sad and uplifting takes on the subject. The AV Club said ‘This Is How You Die is a celebration of creativity, exploring how impressively far one idea can be stretched without breaking’ in its A-grade review while Kirkus called it ‘funny, frightening, clever’. The editors have created a series of brilliant videos to promote – we dare you to watch and decide whether you want to go by way of ‘Old Age’, ‘Parachute’, ‘Hot Girl’, ‘Time Travel’, or ‘Bear’. And reviews for recently published books keep coming in: the Guardian called LEXICON ‘a spellbinding, intelligent read’; the Sunday Telegraph says UNDER YOUR SKIN is ‘delectably twisted’ and ‘a joy to read’; and Jake Kerridge, in a guest post for Shots, says A KILLING OF ANGELS ‘combines excellent storytelling with sharp psychological depth’. Have happy summers… and remember to pack some crime with your sun cream.

14th June 2013

Mulholland Newsletter

Here at Mulholland, we're busy gearing up for the publication of a very exciting book indeed. Lexicon is the new novel from Max Barry, the author of cult hit Jennifer Government, and has been described by SciFi Now as "highly entertaining and engrossing". It follows Emily Ruff as she enters into an elite organisation of 'poets': masters of manipulation who use language to warp others to their will, as well as Wil Parke who doesn't know why he's immune to their powers, only that he has to run from them. You can read's review of Lexicon here: Say the Magic Word: Lexicon by Max Barry As you can imagine, the power of words is the main theme of Lexicon, and this is illustrated brilliantly by intriguing excerpts scattered throughout the book. You can read a selection of them on Facebook, in handy picture form that are perfect for sharing. Words Are Weapons on Facebook To see if she's good enough to become a Poet, Emily is asked a series of strange questions. We'd love to see how you'd answer them, so take a look at the link below. Could you become a Poet? on Facebook Lexicon publishes in hardback on the 20th June and we are going to be shouting about it for all of next week. An excerpt will be available on the Mulholland Uncovered Facebook page on Monday, so we hope you check it out!

Your weekly round-up - 19th April

Mulholland Newsletter

In this week's Mulholland newsletter, editor Ruth Tross takes a look at Tuesday's Kitschies event; Storytelling Without Limits: On Tuesday night Lauren Beukes, Warren Ellis and Benjamin Percy headed across the river to the Brixton Ritzy to answer the Kitschies' questions on storytelling. Around 80 people came to the sellout event: The evening kicked off with readings – made even cooler by the tentacle effect of the lighting. Here's Benjamin Percy reading from his werewolf epic, Red Moon. I can't quite describe how deep and resonant his voice is (the man himself describes it as 'growly') but here’s a video if you want to check it out. Ben was followed by Warren Ellis reading from Gun Machine – the part where detective John Tallow meets Bat and Scarly, the crime scene investigators, for the first time. If you’ve read the book, you'll understand why the audience was laughing throughout – if you haven't, you are missing out on lines like "Of course I don't care if you're bleeding! I'm fucking autistic!", so frankly what are you waiting for? Lauren Beukes did a show and tell of her work, ranging from Moxyland and Zoo City to The Shining Girls – which is about a time-travelling serial killer and is brilliant – as well as her other works in comics, TV, documentaries and animation. I was particularly taken with her Fables spin-off about Rapunzel. The readings were followed by a Q&A which covered a huge range of topics: why the authors chose to focus on America – Ben lives there; Lauren wanted to tell a story that delved into violence and the past without it being an apartheid novel, which it would have been if she’d set it in South Africa; Warren wanted to make clear that America does have a deep, pre-European history that everyone overlooks – Broadway was once a Lenape Indian hunting trail, for example. They talked about their inspirations, their writing style, why it's important to juggle projects so you don't get bored, or can switch to something different when you get stuck on an idea. Genre came up, and the snobbery associated with it – Warren Ellis felt genre has effectively been eaten by the mainstream now; Lauren thought the only genre was 'book' and Ben Percy's solution is to divide all fiction into writing that sucks and writing that kicks ass. Finally we got some brilliant personal stories: Lauren smuggled an anti-retroviral message into a kids' cartoon, Ben Percy lived out in the woods on archeological digs (he wanted to be Indiana Jones, but found there was a lot more camping and far fewer Nazis and beautiful women in real life), and Warren Ellis used to punch phone boxes in the hope of getting some spare change. It was a great evening all round – credit to the Kitschies supremos for organising, and do check out their site. Photos credit to Poppy North, Benjamin Percy, and me! And of course huge thanks to Warren Ellis, Lauren Beukes and Ben Percy, for a hilarious and inspiring evening about stories and words. Here they are wondering why no one has brought them another drink yet: Ruth Tross Mulholland UK editor

17th May 2013

Mulholland Newsletter

Welcome to the new Mulholland newsletter! This week, we're talking all about one of our most recent releases; Murder As A Fine Art by David Morrell. The gripping thriller is set in the gaslit streets of Victorian London and stars notorious author-turned-detective Thomas de Quincey. Forty three years after the Ratcliffe Highway murders brought London to the verge of panic, is seems that someone is using De Quincey's essay on the subject as inspiration for horrific murders… and De Quincey is determined to uncover the truth. In this special blog written for us, Morrell talks about the origins of the book and how a “long-ago course in nineteenth- century English literature” inspired him to research De Quincey; a real life writer who was also a notorious drug user. Adventures with the Opium-Eater Our next article comes from the American Mulholland team and features Morrell in conversation with Robert Morrison, author of Thomas De Quincey's biography. It gives some fascinating insight into the author's life and writings. Thomas De Quincey and Murder as a Fine Art: A Conversation with David Morrell and Robert Morrison In this article with Publishers Weekly, David Morrell gives us a little background into the Ratcliffe Highway murders, which feature heavily in the book and caused panic across London and the rest of England like never before. If Once a Man Indulges Himself in Murder... PW Talks with David Morrell Finally, we have something a little bit different. Shot by the US Mulholland team, this short video sees Morrell talking about Thomas De Quincey and is fascinating whether you’ve read the book or not. David Morrell on Thomas De Quincey That wraps up this week's Mulholland newsletter! If you've read Murder As A Fine Art, be sure to let us know what you thought by getting in touch either on Facebook or Twitter, and we'll see you next week!

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