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Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen Rubin
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Net, Blogs and Rock 'n' Roll

David Jennings
David Jennings

Today's consumers are turning the tables on traditional media. They cannot be herded towards some Next Big Thing but switch their attention in a heartbeat if they catch the buzz of something new and exciting. Fans forage for new discoveries, pursuing personal interests while leaving trails and clues for others to follow. Savants, Enthusiasts and Originators play influential roles in the fan economy recording their finds, expressing their opinions and leading communities of fellow fans. As a result, discovery is the big challenge in a wiki, Web 2.0 world where blog culture, social networks like MySpace and personalized recommender systems have changed the way we perceive, create and consume media. Net, Blogs and Rock 'n' Roll is the first book to dissect a new generation of discovery-oriented services such as the social music revolution and is for anyone who spreads the word about entertainment and is interested in expanding audiences through the new channels of our always-connected culture. By explaining how discovery works in this groundbreaking book, David Jennings shows how creators can support discoveries by maximizing the ways buzz can develop. He introduces the three strands of digital discovery - Trying Out, Links, Community - explaining how the history, culture and technology of media are interwoven with the rise of personalization and mobile players. He profiles groups of consumers and their different approaches to discovery, and examines how media intermediaries filter cultural content and connect it to audiences. Anything goes in this new world of discovery which embodies a rock 'n' roll ethos that resists neat and clean orderliness. Consumers make discoveries from any and every source, all media can co-exist, but no one retains 'gatekeeper' status. Professionals are adjusting to a new role complementing bloggers and facilitating audience discoveries rather than controlling them. Net Blogs and Rock 'n' Roll reveals the role of consumers in the fan economy, the latest technologies and techniques at their disposal and shows intermediaries how to connect creators with communities of fans and consumers.

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Dr Josepha Josephine Wilkinson is a free-range academic historian and author specialising in seventeenth-century France, early modern England and Second Temple Judaism. She is the author of: Richard III: The Young King to Be; Mary Boleyn; Anne Boleyn; John the Baptist: A Life and Death; Saint John the Baptist. She has also edited a new edition of the Victorian classic, Anne Boleyn by Paul Friedmann.

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On June 14, 1940, German tanks entered a silent and deserted Paris. Eight days later, France accepted defeat along with foreign occupation. Parisians were stunned, humiliated, yet curious; the Germans too were curious, wondering how to treat a city that had shown not a trace of resistance.

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