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The Inner Lives of Markets

Ray Fisman, Tim Sullivan
Ray Fisman, Tim Sullivan

THE ECONOMIC REVOLUTION ISN'T JUST DRIVEN BY TECHNOLOGY. IT'S ABOUT MARKETS.'...a quick, and exceedingly engaging, tour of economic history...' Financial TimesThe past twenty-five years have witnessed a remarkable shift in how we get the stuff we want. If you've ever owned a business, rented a flat, or shopped online, you've had a front-row seat for this revolution-in-progress. Breakthrough companies like Amazon and Uber have disrupted the old ways and made the economy work better - all thanks to technology.At least that's how the story of the modern economy is usually told. But in this lucid, wry book, Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan show that the revolution is bigger than tech: it is really a story about the transformation of markets. From the auction theories that power Google's ad sales algorithms to the models that online retailers use to prevent internet fraud, even the most high-tech modern businesses are empowered by theory first envisioned by economists.And we're all participants in this revolution. Every time you book a room on Airbnb, hire a car on Uber, or click on an ad, you too are reshaping our social institutions and our lives.The Inner Lives of Markets is necessary reading for the modern world: it reveals the blueprint for how we work, live, and shop, and offers wisdom for how to do it better.

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GLO Bible

Glo brings the Bible to life with HD video and documentaries, high-resolution images, historical animations, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours and much more. And it's all easy to find and natural to use with Glo's unique browsing lenses.Glo's incredible zoomable interface provides simple, intuitive ways to browse a world of biblical content through five main lenses. You can visually browse all the content in terms of how it relates to biblical passages, to the geography of the Holy Land, to the biblical timeline or to topics that are relevant to you. Glo can be accessed anywhere, both online and on the go - even on computers that don't have Glo installed.Glo can become your spiritual homebase. Because you participate, the Bible becomes truly yours. It's wherever you are, whenever you need it. Glo is your light for living.

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