Rolf Dobelli Million

International Bestseller The Art of Thinking Clearly passes One Million mark

Rolf Dobelli’s The Art of Thinking Clearly has now sold over one million copies worldwide.

12 Aug 2013

The book was first published in Germany by Hanser, where it was an immediate bestseller, and has since sold in over 30 languages. The UK edition, published by Sceptre in March, has enjoyed 12 weeks in the Sunday Times bestseller list so far and also reached number 1 in Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Turkey.

The book is an exploration of the 99 most common thinking errors, using insights and observations from social psychology. Sceptical of the entire self-help genre, Dobelli doesn’t promise that the book will transform us into flawless decision-makers, but instead hopes that it will reduce the number of mistakes all of us make on a day-to-day basis.

Dobelli has not read newspapers or listened to the news for almost four years and has argued that the news media mislead us on what is relevant and important, increases our cognitive errors, kills creativity and also inhibits independent thinking. Dobelli’s essay on this subject was published in the Guardian in April.

Dobelli is a Swiss entrepreneur and novelist. He has an MBA and a PhD in economic philosophy from the University of St Gallen, Switzerland. Dobelli is founder and curator of ZURICH.MINDS, an invitation-only community of the most distinguished thinkers, scientists and artists.

Dobelli is available for interview. For more information or to request a copy of The Art of Thinking Clearly please contact Lyndsey Ng: or 020 7873 6438