Best Year Yet Acquisition Announcement


15 Apr 2015

Georgina Laycock, publisher at John Murray, has acquired world rights in The Best Year Yet by Sophie Howarth and will be publishing it in November 2015.

In The Best Year Yet Sophie Howarth is reinventing the idea of the diary. Imagine if, instead of using one to remind you what you should and have to be doing, each new day offered a fresh opportunity for something new and fun and creative. Imagine if you could give someone a better year as a present.

The Best Year Yet has a page per day, each with an inspiration, game or exercise – and lots of blank space – encouraging you to doodle or write or make something or think differently across a whole year. From MAKE AN ENCOURAGING BANNER to  Samuel Beckett’s ‘LET’S GO/ WE CAN’T/ WHY NOT?’, it’s full of ideas, surprises and sly epiphanies.  The book will be supported by a huge social media campaign where artists, writers and photographers will respond to the challenges and post the results online. This is more than a book – it’s an open invitation to join a global creative community. Welcome to your best year yet.

Sophie Howarth set up the School of Life with Alain de Botton, her Street Photography Now book has sold 80,000 copies (and spawned its own enthusiastic online community) and her Department Store for the mind is launching in July. A teacher, writer and serial entrepreneur, she also conducts one of London's biggest ideas orchestras: for more info, see

Georgina Laycock said: 'I published Wreck this Journal at Penguin and I haven’t been as excited by a project since then. Sophie is the real deal. From her turning abstract philosophical concepts into something desirably tangible at the School of Life to her campaign with the Photographer’s Gallery that got thousands involved on a weekly basis, she has been on a one-woman mission to help us all become more creative for years. It’s great to be part of it.'

Sophie Howarth said: 'Creating The Best Year Yet has been like going on a treasure hunt around my own mind ¬– gathering up all my favourite influences and experimenting with them. An idea shared is an idea multiplied. I’m so looking forward to seeing what we can all make together in 2016.'

For more information please contact Lyndsey Ng;; 020 3122 6383