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    • ISBN:9781444745306
    • Publication date:14 Aug 2014
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    • Publication date:21 Nov 2013

Walking Home From Mongolia

Ten Million Steps Through China, From the Gobi Desert to the South China Sea

By Rob Lilwall

  • Paperback
  • £13.99

CYCLING HOME FROM SIBERIA author Rob Lilwall's unique adventure through freezing China from Mongolia to Hong Kong - this time on foot.

Starting in the Gobi desert in winter, adventurer Rob Lilwall sets out on an extraordinary six month journey, walking 3,000 miles across China. Along the way he and cameraman Leon brave the toxic insides of China's longest road tunnel, explore desolate stretches of the Great Wall and endure interrogation by the Chinese police.
As they walk on through the heart of China, the exuberant hospitality of cave dwellers, coal miners and desert nomads keeps them going despite sub-zero blizzards and treacherous terrain.
Rob writes with humour and honesty about the hardships of the walk, reflecting on the nature of pilgrimage and the uncertainties of an adventuring career, while also giving insight into life on the road amid the epic landscapes and rapidly industrialising cities of backwater China.

Biographical Notes

Rob Lilwall is a writer, adventurer, and motivational speaker who regularly transfixes audiences with tales from his 30,000 mile journey by bike from Siberia to England. Rob has written about his journey for magazines and journals worldwide. In 2004 Rob gave up his job as a geography teacher at a state school near Oxford and set off around the world with nothing but a bike and a healthy dose of fear ... around three years later he arrived home, with some remarkable stories to tell. Find Rob on Facebook or at or on the web at

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  • ISBN: 9781444745283
  • Publication date: 21 Nov 2013
  • Page count: 304
  • Imprint: Hodder & Stoughton
The book serves as an engrossing window into the nascent colossus that is China...where much that's written about the country is concerned with the big picture, this worm's-eye view is fascinating. — The Metro
I'm not sure Rob Lilwall knows it, but he has penned a two-wheeled classic. I wanted to rise up singing and strap on my bicycle clips. — The Guardian (for CYCLING HOME FROM SIBERIA)
Lilwall has a wonderful ability to inspire trust in his readers — The Guardian (for CYCLING HOME FROM SIBERIA)
Lilwall's story is a remarkable one...enhanced by the fact that he has a writer's skill for conveying a sense of place. — The Sunday Telegraph (for CYCLING HOME FROM SIBERIA)
A rite of passage adventure, full of thrills, excitement and endurance tests — The Irish Times (for CYCLING HOME FROM SIBERIA)
Rob Lilwall is such a transparently decent, honest and likeable bloke that it is difficult not to become involved in the highs and lows of his journey...Ever since Odysseus, the traveller has returned home to find himself wiser and more fulfilled than when he departed. Rob Lilwall is no exception. — TES (for CYCLING HOME FROM SIBERIA)
Full piece on Walking Home from Mongolia — Geographical Magazine
Here Lilwall sets off on another epic quest...This cracking story is the perfect addition to anyone's library of adventure books. — Thomas Saunders, Compass Magazine
It chronicles comedic run-ins, police interrogations, partying with nomads, encounters with cave dwellers and casual brushes with villagers in China. — Time Out HK
Rob Lilwall has been interviewed for Outlook on the BBC World Service — BBC World Service
Rob Lilwall has appeared on BBC Breakfast. — BBC Breakfast
An honest, and often heartwarming meditation on the physical and mental hardships of extreme endurance, and the rapidly changing landscapes of rural China." — Time Out HK
In 2004 Rob Lilwall quit his job to cycle across Asia. The then-27-year-old left England with a 10GBP pair of Royal Mail trousers, a secondhand tent, and a whistle designed to scare away dogs. His only modes of transportation were boats, and a bike that he had bought in the 1990s. — Time Out Beijing
A strange yet compelling insightful and enjoyable read. — Tom's Bike Trip
I can honestly say Rob's book has inspired me... time to fire up Google, look at some maps and get the notebook out. — Halfway Hike
The resulting book is an honest, and often heartwarming, meditation on the physical and mental hardships of extreme endurance, and the rapidly changing landscapes of rural China. — Time Out Beijing
But this is what makes his new book so attractive- he is just a normal guy doing immensely difficult things. — Richard Woodall, Idea Magazine
Rob explores and then he writes. You won't want to put it down. — Richard Woodall, Idea Magazine
Assistant Editor Richard Woodall writes a feature on Rob Lilwall and 'Walking Home from Mongolia' for Idea Magazine. — Richard Woodall, Idea Magazine
Walking Home from Mongolia is a fascinating and well-written record...and a wonderful introduction to the landscape, history and culture of the places they travelled through. — Nicola Vidamour, The Methodist Recorder
Braving the blisters, the traffic, and bathing in freezing rivers, the author notes everything down and presents an oriental odyssey for our times. — The Good Book Guide
Rob Lilwall has written a piece on his adventures for The Church Times. — The Church Times
It should dispel at least a few stereotypes for most people... readable, interesting and funny. — Adventure Travel
The walk is vividly described, the narrative rattles along at a fair pace and the reader is successfully drawn into the story. — Peter Francis, The Newspaper
Rob's travel log is an insight into Chinese culture and the different communities they encounter. His conversational style describes the magnificent terrain they cross, reflecting on the 'highs' and 'lows' of this incredible pilgrimage. I admired his courage and determination to complete the task. — The Magnet