Things we do for marketing

Things we do for marketing THAT YOU WON'T BELIEVE

Seriously... this is some messed up stuff

16 Oct 2015

Marketing is an incredibly creative job, and in publishing we get to do some extremely diverse things that YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE. We asked the Hodder marketing team to tell us about some of the craziest things they’ve had to do in the course of their publishing career. From the hilarious to the mind-numbingly mundane, this is what they said.

Chocolatey heaven and a baby elephant . . .

In the last six months I have had over a thousand bars of Dairy Milk delivered to me at work. Contrary to popular belief, these are not additions to my own personal supply of junk food, but part of a marketing campaign for The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra, which features a baby elephant with a penchant for Dairy Milk. Sadly though, you can only buy the bars of chocolate from the wholesaler in multiples of 48, so it’s inevitable that there ends up being a few leftovers from time to time. It’s a hard life. - Naomi

Moustache googling, dino pooping . . . and just ‘do the internet’?

In my almost-10-year career in publishing I’ve been asked to do some unusual things, a lot of which were from my first job as Marketing Assistant. At this point in your career they generally don’t know what to do with you and so give you all the random tasks that nobody else wants. So, on my first day my new boss glanced at my CV and announced that as I had experience (from my master’s degree) of the internet I should go ahead and ‘do that’. And so my digital marketing career began.

However, in the same week I was asked to get quotes for installing solar panels to the roof of my boss’s house and instructed to ‘tidy up’ the email database which involved going through 15,000 lines of customer details to complete records (by the end I knew every regional postcode for Scotland including all of its islands). My favourite random responsibility was diverting water away from piles of books using heaps of cardboard boxes whenever it rained and the basement flooded (our office was in the basement).

More recently I’ve spent a rather giggly afternoon writing a brief for a game that involved a dinosaur propelling himself through space by the power of his own poop, and Googling to find images of the best celebrity moustaches and choosing my favourite picture of Tom Selleck for a blog piece. My Google search history at work is MESSED UP.

Publishing sure is a wonderfully diverse industry to work in. - Amy

Sandworms? It really needles me . . .

I placed an order for 1,000 blunt needles on eBay just the other week. I am probably on some kind of watch list. In a few weeks’ time I will be using them to make 'eye sewing kits'. My job is weird.

And what do you do when you publish the 50th anniversary edition of timeless science fiction classic Dune? You make them into a sand worm, of course. - Fleur

Glamourous gallivanting and a logistical packing nightmare . . .

In an almost 20-year career in marketing, I have done many, many things that you wouldn’t believe (manually typing in a couple of thousand ISBNs for a stock list) (having to make small talk with Norman Mailer ON MY FIRST DAY at work) (ordering bottles of Cristal with gay abandon to eat up a launch party minimum spend) (chartering a private jet. Shhh). But the one thing that still makes me pinch myself was a trip to America with some marketing colleagues to film an insane number of authors in seven days. This was a trip that started in Boston that was so freeze-your-face cold that you couldn’t be outside for more than a minute. By the end of the week we were lounging on South Beach in Miami. It’s no joke packing for a work trip like that.

Don’t let the beach life fool you, it was incredibly exhausting. Clocking up two or three films a day, flying to a new city every night, it was all planned with military precision. But oh, what a privilege – to meet these incredible American authors and spend a couple of hours in their company as they welcomed us into both their homes and their literary worlds. Filming authors is without a doubt one of the favourite parts of my job so this amazing trip will go down as a career highlight. Unlikely for something like that to ever happen again, so if any of my team are reading this, don’t get any ideas . . . - Jessica