Is your Fathers Day gift sorted

Is your Father's Day gift sorted?

Books for all types of Dad

23 May 2016

Books are a great go-to gift if you’re not sure what your dad might like for Father’s Day because there’s an infinite breadth of choice. But what is the right book for your dad? We asked the Hodder marketing team what books they would give to their dads (because of course we give books). Maybe you recognise your dad as one of these types?

Civil War

History Buff Dad

If your dad is anything like mine, he would love a copy of Civil War. Sure, he may have seen the latest Captain America film, but has he read what the movie is based on? The subject of superheroes is perennially exciting, but what happens when you pit superheroes against each other? You get mayhem. Delve deep down into the characters we’ve come to love from the silver screen, read a story that is both thrilling and moving, and feast your eyes on the fantastic artwork by Steve McNiven, all at the same time. Your dad will be overjoyed to get this gift, unless he’s a fan of Spiderman 3, if he is, he has questionable taste).


Honey & Co.

Kitchen Wizard Dad

Lamb shawarma that falls straight off the bone and into your mouth. Fluffy pittas. Cakes so delicious they should be illegal. Honey & Co is one of the most delicious cookbooks I’ve ever had the pleasure of being served food from. That’s right, why cook when you could buy somebody a cookery book and encourage them to cook for you? You can thank me later.

If your Dad is into cooking he’ll love this collection of mouth-watering Middle Eastern recipes, and so will you.

How to Read Water

Nature-loving Dad

For Father’s Day this year I’m giving my dad How To Read Water by Tristan Gooley. It’s perfect for the armchair adventurer in your life because Tristan Gooley offers all sorts of examples of how to read water, ranging from the kitchen sink to the Pacific islanders. This will mean my dad can impress people with his expert knowledge regardless of the situation he is in, which he will love. There are stories an accomplished navigator, like the author, will enjoy as well as stories you could share whilst watching the rain from inside during British summer time. How To Read Water is also really easy to dip in and out of, which is ideal as my dad loves to read and nap. It’s also a beautiful shiny hardback which looks very expensive, so a lovely gift!

Love From Boy

Nostalgic Dad

My Dad read Roald Dahl’s stories to me and my brother every night for years and I loved every word! Now I can return the favour by giving him Love from Boy, a collection of the young Roald Dahl’s letters to his mother. From the age of 9 Roald Dahl wrote a weekly letter home and, as he grew up, the stories changed from japes at boarding school to adventures as a fighter pilot in WW2. I can’t think of a better gift to say thank you.

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Inquisitive Dad

My dad has a really old edition of Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable that he would often pull off the shelf during a dinner conversation to look up the origin of a phrase that had come up. He simply loves having all the answers, and that book certainly got a lot of use. I think it’s time for an update – how else is he going to learn the origin of more modern words and phrases such as crowdsourcing, cyberpunk, iPad and mash-up?