6 must have bookish accessories to organise your life

6 must-have bookish accessories to organise your life

05 Aug 2015

It’s that time of year again. Our days of jetting off on holidays, sleeping past 12, and turning into lobsters after baking ourselves in the park are well and truly in the past. With summer over, it’s time to get back to normality and that means getting reorganised.

Even if you’re only a little bookish, you’ll be a fan of pretty stationery and this is the perfect excuse to go shopping for it. So, whether you’re going back to school, looking for a way to reinvigorate your office workspace or just need some post-summer cheer, here’s a list of some fun ideas to get you out of that BTS slump we all feel come September.

1 - Notebooks
Showy notebooks are something a book lover should always be allowed to be slightly picky about. If you don’t feel like handing over the cash, pick out a cheap one and cover it in wrapping paper, a poster, or take inspiration from your favorite book cover and go to town. Here’s a few of our favourite bookish and beautiful notebooks:


2 - Pens & Pencils
At Hogwarts, they write with quills, but your pen will never be that awesome. That’s something you’ll have to accept, but that doesn’t mean your pen has to be boring. As the implement that records your thoughts, notes, and perhaps pens the next great novel, it can’t hurt to find something a little more exciting then those two red, two blue, two black packs:

Pens and pencils

3 - Bookmarks
There’s nothing worse than becoming totally enraptured in a book, and then losing your page. A bookmark will save you all that stress, and there are some interesting ones out there. Check out the ones below that you can use to make your very own little world within your book. Something a book-nerd will most definitely love:


4 - Erasers
The one piece of stationery people really have tried to make as weird, wonderful and wacky as possible is the eraser.  You can probably find just about anything out there to rub away life’s mistakes, including this pig from Paperchase:


5 - Sticky notes
You don’t realise how important sticky notes are until you find yourself without any, and are left ripping pages out of your gorgeous new notebook to remind yourself you have an exam on Monday, or a meeting with so-and-so. These ghost ones are possibly the most adorable sticky notes, but there’s far more out there, including the pack below, to help you get organised:

sticky notes

6 - Pencil Case
Finally, pencil cases are necessary so you don’t lose your entire life in one go. There’s an incredible selection of book-type pencil cases out there for you to proudly display, giving you a chance to rave about whatever book you were lusting over all summer. This Game of Thrones one should give plenty of inspiration for a DIY attack on a boring pencil case:

pencil case