Kirsty Wark at Durham

Kirsty Wark at Durham Book Festival

Durham Town Hall

11 Oct 2014 3:00pm

Kirsty Wark: The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle

Journalist, broadcaster and writer Kirsty Wark introduces her captivating debut novel, The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle. Born just before the First World War, Elizabeth Pringle has been a familiar yet solitary figure on the Scottish island of Arran. Elizabeth was a dutiful daughter, an inspirational teacher, a gardener. But did anyone really know her? When Elizabeth dies, her will contains a surprise. She has left her home and her belongings to someone who is all but a stranger, a young mother she watched pushing a pram down the road more than 30 years ago.

Kirsty Wark hosts a variety of BBC programmes including Newsnight and The Review Show and arts documentaries. Her home has always been Scotland and her family’s connection to Arran goes back over many years.

Chaired by Caroline Beck

Saturday 11 October,

Durham Town Hall