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    • ISBN:9781857886474
    • Publication date:01 Nov 2016
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    • Publication date:10 Aug 2017
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Dare to Do

Taking on the planet by bike and boat

By Sarah Outen

  • Hardback
  • £18.99

The story of Sarah Outen's five-year 25,000 mile journey looping the planet by cycling across Europe, Asia, and North America, and canoeing and kayaking across the North Pacific and North Atlantic. This is her adventure and inner journey, and also a call to action, to redefine your own boundaries, to be courageous, and to dare to do.


On 1 April 2011, rower and adventurer Sarah Outen set off in her kayak from Tower Bridge for France. Her aim was simple: to circle the globe entirely under her own steam - cycling, kayaking and rowing across Europe, Asia, the Pacific, North America, the Atlantic and eventually home. A year later, Sarah was plucked from the Pacific ocean amid tropical storm Mawar, her boat broken, her spirit even more so.

But that wasn't the end. Despite ill health and depression, giving up was not an option. So Sarah set off once more to finish what she had started, becoming the first woman to row solo from Japan to Alaska, as well as the first woman to row the mid-Pacific from West to East. She kayaked the treacherous Aleutian chain and cycled North America, before setting out on the Atlantic, despite the risk of another row-ending storm...

Dare to Do is more than an adventure story. It is a story of the kindness of strangers and the spirit of travel; a story of the raw power of nature, of finding love in unexpected places, and of discovering your inner strength. It is about trying and failing, and trying again, and about how, even when all seems lost, you can find yourself.

Biographical Notes

Sarah Outen is a British adventurer, motivational speaker and author. In November 2015 Sarah completed her London2London: Via the World expedition, which saw her attempt to kayak, cycle and row 25,000 miles around the Northern Hemisphere. The journey took 4.5 years and was all the richer for not turning out exactly as had been planned.

  • Other details

  • ISBN: 9781857886412
  • Publication date: 01 Nov 2016
  • Page count: 304
  • Imprint: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Sarah is an honest, open, courageous and inspiring person... and has a contagious love for life. I can't wait for her book. — Dame Ellen MacArthur
Outen's story is remarkable. — Sunday Times
Sarah has self-reliance and belief in quantities I haven't come across in anyone else. She is a wonderful and nutty individual with a powerful story to tell. — Mark Beaumont
Definitely mad. Definitely marvellous. A seriously tough expedition. — Sir Ranulph Fiennes
The story of Outen's indomitable pursuit of her objective to its conclusion, written with breathtaking matter of factness. — Tom Adair, Scotland on Sunday, Travel Books of the Year
An epic feat. — The Times
There is only one Sarah Outen. A unique blend of powerful female athlete and silly friend. — Ed Stafford
Her natural charisma, talent for storytelling and unrivalled persistence sets Sarah Outen apart. She is the top female adventurer of the 21st Century - nobody else comes close. — Dave Cornthwaite
Sarah has raised the bar of adventure travel with genuinely ground-breaking triumphs. And it has been her willingness to share the inner journey, the doubts, fears, and frustrations, that has truly set her apart. — Roz Savage, author of 'Stop Drifting, Start Rowing'
That's the way to do adventure. — Ben Fogle
A gripping adventure story that is rare in its courage and rarer still in the way it feels fresh and contemporary. — Tristan Gooley, author of 'How to Read Water'
Sarah Outen prefaces her epic trip around the world under her own steam with a fabulous sentence: "The years ahead became some of the most vivid, treasured and, at times, the most difficult of my life. But all I knew is all we ever know - that I knew nothing about how the story would unfold." Who could fail to read on? Dare to Do chronicles a journey many readers will have mulled over at various points, but Outen had the courage to tackle it. — Birmingham Post - Books of the Year
Like Wild - only Wilder. — BT Sport
An intimate glimpse into the raw excitement, fears, and determination which could provoke someone like Outen to spend years circumnavigating the globe, in a number of imaginative and uncomfortable ways. Outen is honest and relatable, while her depictions of places and people she meets are undeniably engaging. [Dare to Do is] fast-paced and good-humoured. — Geographical
Dare to Do gives a deeper insight into what it really takes to be an 'adventurer.' By pushing her boundaries so far, Sarah shows us what could be possible in our own lives. Whatever you want to dare to do, you can find inspiration from Sarah's story. — Outdoorista
This is much more than a tale of a journey round our planet. This is Sarah's story of being able to dig deep when it feels like everything is against you. — Nudge Books
Excellent... Extraordinary... Inspirational. — Oldham Chronicle