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    • ISBN:9781473619272
    • Publication date:28 Jan 2016
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    • ISBN:9781473619265
    • Publication date:04 Jun 2015
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    • Publication date:04 Jun 2015


How I shaped up my mind, improved my mental strength and found calm

By Emma Young

  • Hardback
  • £14.99

The scientifically proven route to enriching and enhancing your state of mind.

Emma Young has no history of mental illness, just like everyone else, occasionally she gets down, anxious and disproportionately stressed. Disappointed that her mind does not always deal well with the pressures of modern life, Emma decided to go on mind-toning journey.

Is it possible to tone your mind just as you can tone your body so it becomes more resilient and better prepared to deal with what life throws at you?

By looking at some of the new and tried and tested techniques, from meditation to mental preparation involved in extreme sports and military training, Emma has devised a programme that will help everyone achieve mental stability.

Biographical Notes

Emma Young is an award-winning science and health journalist now based in Sheffield. She has a BSc (Hons) in psychology from the University of Durham and 20 years' experience on titles including the Guardian, the Sydney Morning Herald, and New Scientist. She also writes for Mosaic, the new Wellcome Trust magazine.

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  • ISBN: 9781473619241
  • Publication date: 04 Jun 2015
  • Page count: 368
  • Imprint: Yellow Kite
Brilliant — Mail on Sunday
I'd highly recommend her thought-provoking book. — Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6
Sane may well be the 'wellness bible' we've all been searching for. — Marie Claire
Young won't settle for any shoddy theories in her quest to develop a 'comprehensive programme that could build basic mental strength' — Elle
A wonderful personal account of healthy ways of coping and flourishing in our fast-paced society today — Rajita Sinha, Professor of Psychiatry, Yale Medical School and Director, Yale Stress Centre
I love the balance of scientific evidence, informed opinion and personal experience... I found I was able to get past some of my preconceived notions and become more open to considering various approaches to stress management that I would otherwise have dismissed. — Carol Ewing Garber, Professor of Movement Sciences, Columbia University and President, American College of Sports Medicine