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  • Paperback £7.99
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    • ISBN:9781444745702
    • Publication date:13 Feb 2014
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    • ISBN:9781444745719
    • Publication date:11 Apr 2013

The Sixty Minute Grandparent

Becoming the Best Grandparent You Can Be

By Rob Parsons

  • Hardback
  • £11.99

Rob Parsons will help you be the best grandparent you can be - in just one hour.

'If you have children, buy this book for your parents now. If you are a grandparent, don't go near your grandchildren until you have read it!' Rosemary Conley

There are many different kinds of grandparents - tired-out or over-eager, super-involved or unsure how to help, unwilling or ever-ready. In this simple book Rob Parsons will help you reach the common aspiration: to be the best grandparent that you can possibly be.

- The baby stage: helping out without interfering
- How to help your own children find their way as parents
- Loving your grandchildren without spoiling them
- When to intervene, and when to keep out of it
- Finding your place within a blended family
- Becoming invaluable (rather than insufferable) to your daughter-in-law

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  • ISBN: 9781444745696
  • Publication date: 11 Apr 2013
  • Page count: 128
  • Imprint: Hodder & Stoughton
On SIXTY MINUTE FATHER: 'A brilliant book.' — Daily Mail
On SIXTY MINUTE FATHER: 'Sixty minutes that could save the regret of lost family opportunities.' — The Guardian
On SIXTY MINUTE FATHER: 'For all those fathers who know, somewhere in their hearts, that their children's lives are slipping by while they are too busy to notice.' — Daily Mirror
On IXTY MINUTE MARRIAGE: 'Wise and witty. Full of down-to-earth advice that works.' — Lynda Lee Potter
How to be a better Grandparent — Anna Moore, The Times
Coverage across all of the regional BBC stations — BBC Radio
One of the Picks of the new releases — The Church of England newspaper
Many people will benefit greatly from this book —

Very witty, informative and helpful...I would definitely recommend this book especially for parents . It will show you another perspective of life.

I am currently reading The Sixty Minute Grandparent by Rob Parsons. It is interesting to read about other people's perceptions of this new role that is thrust upon us when our children start having their own families. The book is pretty light hearted and easy to read or dip into. The emphasis is on becoming the best grandparent you can be, in whichever way you are most comfortable. It reminds us that our grandchildren only really want two things from us: to be loved and to know we are there for them.Grandparents are a varied species! Some are very hands on and play a major role in their grandchild's life. I don't see Ted very often so I'm not a nappy changing, babysitting, disciplining, bottle making grandma. However, what I can be is someone who can give Ted unconditional love and the promise of quality time spent together whenever I do see him. As he gets older, this will become more and more significant to his life. I can tell him about his dad and what he was like as a child. I can tell him about our family and our past. I can make him feel included and embraced, a brand new branch on our family tree.The line in the book that really resonates with me is this one on the job description of a grandparent:"Individuals must be loving, caring, loving, selfless, loving, accepting and loving."I think I am definitely up for that job!

— Wendy McDonald, Inside The Wendy House

Written in a very uplifting and positive way. I am really pleased that I took that sixty minutes to read this book.

— Granny Net
Rob Parsons has distilled the essential skills for becoming the best, most effective grandparent one can be. — The Good Book Guide
Principally entertaining, wise and helpful. Readers of this book could contribute significantly towards healthier and happier lives for younger, vulnerable generations. — English Churchman
Concise, well informed, and written with a commendable mix of common sense, wisdom and humour, this is a book I would recommend to all grandparents - would-be ones and those already 'underway — Margaret Walker,

For a very small book, numbering around 120 pages, the book certainly runs the gamut. It covers the tough stuff too grandparenting at a distance, grandparenting when a child is special needs, grandparenting when a child is tragically lost.

— Lynley Oram, Play Pennies .com
The book deals wisely and sensibly with painful issues of grandparenting ... I particularly liked the idea that grandparents are the keepers of the family memories ... I enjoyed reading this book. — Margaret Bruton, Evangelicals Now
Another brilliant book in the 'Sixty Minute' series; Rob Parsons thoughtfully advises grandparents on the wide range of complex family situations that can develop in two generations. In a penetrating analysis of the power of a grandparent, this book combines humorous anecdotes with deep insights. I was struck by the idea that grandparents can offer a greater sense of stability and identity to children, and by sharing stories of the past, they can deepen a child's roots. The real secret, of course, is giving unconditional love. — Christianity Magazine
It is ideal for prospective, new or seasoned grandparents as each chapter contains refreshingly low-cost ideas, encouragement and comments from grandchildren. In only 128 pages, Parson manages to do far more than simply scratch the surface of this topic. — Ruth Alliston, 'Childrens Work' Magazine
The book is short, easy to read and full of helpful stories. It is realistic about all the complexities of relationships that grandparents encounter but it will reassure those who wonder if they are doing the right thing for the children and grandchildren. — David Roberts, The NEWSpaper
Rob Parson's latest in his Sixty Minute series is a quick and easy book to read, full of wisdom and humour. — Magnet
Rob Parsons has wit and wisdom aplenty to offer in The Sixty Minute Grandparent... A well-spent 60 minutes. — The Methodist Recorder
As a grandparent myself there's always something new to learn and little books like this can be extremely valuable. Very worthwhile. — Graham Wise, Together Magazine