things we love most about our new home

Things we love most about our new home

22 Apr 2015

Things are very different over here at Hodder HQ, as we settle into our new home at Blackfriars. We spent most of last week exploring all the nooks and crannies, sampling the food from our new 6th floor cafe, basking in the sun on the roof terrace... and doing a lot of important work too of course. Now that we've had time to reflect, we'd love to share some of our favourite things about Carmelite House.

Hachette HawkA Hachette Hawk with attitude

I LOVE that we now have our very own hawk! Eldan drops in every so often to keep those pesky pigeons from nesting on the roof terrace. And it (gender as yet unspecified) has its own Twitter profile at @hachettehawk. Eldan has a bit of a dark personality it seems, and when asked to comment on the fact that it had been chosen as a ‘favourite thing’ about Carmelite House, its reply was: @HodderBooks I HATE BLOGS AND BUILDINGS AND ALSO HUMANS AS WELL So don’t expect to see any jolly selfies with Eldan in the near future.
- Amy - Marketing

Phone name

It's a beast!

My favourite thing about the new office is the fact that I can name my phone. It doesn’t feed out anywhere and is just for my amusement . . . so I’ve called it ‘The Beast’. This is a heavy over-estimation of its grandeur, but I stand by my choice.
- Sharan - Editorial

atrium view

Don't look down!

It might be an under-appreciated area (especially by anyone who has seen Vertigo recently) but my place of choice in the new office is the open atrium which runs down the centre of the building.
The wall of glass provides an amazing view and fills each floor with light (and from our vantage point offers a great view into what the other floors are doing!).

But above all, how can you see this view without wanting to do this?
Don't look down

- Dan - Marketing




Spiral bookcase

Twirly-whirly booky-wookies!

It took me about half a day to realise that this bookshelf has a quotation mark at its centre, but even before then I thought it was pretty cool. Reports that it hypnotises all who gaze upon it into buying more books are unconfirmed.
- Fleur - Marketing

Magical staircaseMagical hidden staircase

Clearly the most interesting thing about the new building are these wonderful paintings. On descending the magical staircase from the fourth floor, you are greeted by illuminated, mysterious men and women. What are their histories? Who are they? Maybe we’ll never know. Imagine that you are a writer, looking for inspiration and stumbling across an image of a young woman, book on her lap, looking out at you with a stoic expression. You feel inspiration strike.

And what about those floating heads? Nice touch, artist!
- Aimee - Marketing


Gooey scrumptiousness

What is your favourite thing about the new office?

A difficult question – as I’m sure you will read from my colleagues’ answers, you could answer with the roof garden, the café, or perhaps our St Paul’s office-adjacent view. For me, the answer was obvious. I’m a being of simple pleasures and for me, good food is all that I really ask for. Perhaps I have hit my old age well before my time, but give me something scrumptious and a cosy place to sit (of which there are many in the new office) and I’m happy.

Our new office boasts a smorgasbord of fair but it is one item that I am particularly smitten with and I can confide in you that these tasty bites can only be found in one place – 6th Story, the sixth floor café.

So what is it that can only be found at the peak of our new office? Oozing gooey scrumptiousness that is their new brownies. Think of the richest chocolate imaginable and you may be half way there to appreciate what I’m talking about. I’m not a particularly religious man, but I’m inclined to believe that the only possible option for the origins of these little pieces of heaven is that they appear through divine intervention – surely no mortal baker could create such a rich concoction of loveliness (well perhaps Mary Berry . . . ).

I was going to describe in minute detail each crumb, but like a dragon hoarding gold I’m afraid that sharing is not an option. The brownies are a limited resource and I’m afraid that my colleagues might read this and decide this is too much of a recommendation to miss out, dredging the café clear of these tasty morsels.

Trust me on this though, those bad boys are good!
- Ross - Marketing

sixth storeySix storeys high

Hands down my favourite thing about the new building is the sixth storey. Not only is there a coffee shop up there (always a winner in my book), but it opens up onto a gorgeous roof garden with the most incredible view of London. I’d almost forgotten how glorious London is – Euston Road wasn’t exactly a beauty spot! – but the view from our roof has reignited my love for this city.
- Naomi - Marketing

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