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  • What's your 'book story'? 28 June, 2016

    As a book lover you no doubt have at least one battered edition of an old favourite book that you've read a few times over, and maybe there's even a story behind that particular copy. The marketing team at Hodder certainly do, and they have shared some of their 'book stories'.

  • by Sceptre Publishing Director, Carole Welch Time is precious. Read wisely. 15 June, 2016

    Sceptre has been publishing the finest fiction and non-fiction from around the world for 30 years! We asked Publishing Director Carole Welch to tell us a bit about Sceptre's astonishing achievements over the years.

  • Books for all types of Dad Is your Father's Day gift sorted? 23 May, 2016

    Books are a great go-to gift if you’re not sure what your dad might like for Father’s Day because there’s an infinite breadth of choice. But what is the right book for your dad? We asked the Hodder marketing team what books they would give to their dads (because of course we give books). Maybe you recognise your dad as one of these types?

  • By Drummond Moir The birth of a book: From brain to binding 06 May, 2016

    Here at Hodder HQ we sometimes forget that you book lovers don't necessarily know the quite substantial ins and outs of the publishing process. The life cycle of a book, both physical and digital, really is a labour of love for all involved. We asked our very own Associate Publisher Drummond Moir to give you a run down (significantly truncated of course) of the highlights.

  • 10 Reasons why you should read Everyone Brave is Forgiven 19 April, 2016

    Just in case you weren't excited enough already.

  • Try a recipe from Calgary Avansino's new book Keep it real this Easter 17 March, 2016

    Easter is a time for sweet treats, but what about sweet 'healthy' treats? There are plenty in Calgary Avansino's new book, Keep it Real and here's a small taster – why not try it out over the holidays?

  • By Bridie Wilkinson The beautiful books of Hodder 01 March, 2016

    There are many perks to working in a design department. Mainly, I spend a lot of my time looking at really beautiful things. While my co-workers aren't a bad looking bunch, the beauty mainly comes from the covers that our designers create every month.


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