Top Literary Holiday Destinations

Top Literary Holiday Destinations

By Annie Camp

01 Oct 2015

It’s the end of the summer and we’re all back at work for the start of the new season – the desk-dreaming season. Having to pack up your suitcase and kiss goodbye to the beaches, only to head back to slightly grey English skies, can be a bit of a dampener on anyone’s mood. So we sit at our computer screens, contemplating our next getaway and sighing audibly as the rain lashes against the windowpanes. But what if you could holiday even as you sat at your desk? What if you could (literally) escape into the pages of your favourite novel? Here are some ideas for those perfect literary holidays.

Find love in Paris

If it’s a holiday romance that sweeps you off your feet, then Paris is the obvious choice. Alexandra Potter’s Love from Paris adds a touch of intrigue to the city of love, with love detective Ruby Miller on the case. And if it’s this generation-spanning connection that keeps you turning pages, there are other destinations to choose from. How about Spain, with Victoria Hislop’s The Return? Or perhaps you’d prefer to fly to the Big Apple, in Miranda Dickinson’s I’ll take New York. Whichever destination you pick, you’ll be sure to bring home more than just photographs and fond memories.

Hang out at Hogwarts

Endowed with the power to travel into the pages of fiction, the big kids among us couldn’t possibly pass up on the opportunity to visit the fantastical world of Harry Potter. Goblins and dragons and spells…. Oh my! Not only would you get to explore the castle itself, there’s also Hogsmead and all it has to offer (including the legendary Honeydukes). You can experience the thrill of a broomstick ride and a quidditch match, or take a trip into the Forbidden Forest. Meals will be served in the Great Hall, under a starry sky. And you can always kick back and relax in the Prefects’ bathroom, with bubbles for all occasions. The only downside is the fact that, in order to have a break from work, you’ve consciously made the decision to go back to school.

Countryside Contentment

And last (but certainly not least) what about those of us who just want a quiet week away somewhere in the beautiful English countryside? Surely the perfect destination is PG Wodehouse’s Blandings Castle, which boasts some of the finest roses in literature – not to mention Lord Emsworth’s pride and joy, the Yew Alley. For company, throw in a couple of Jane Austen characters, such as the witty Elizabeth Bennet or the noble Mr Knightly. Perhaps call in Catriona McPherson’s Dandy Gilver if you want to add an element of mystery to the trip, but overall just sit back and enjoy the sunshine (because when you’re holidaying in fiction, the weather is always perfect).