So you think youre a book nerd

So you think you're a book nerd?

Try our pub quiz literature round!

12 Jan 2016

For those of us who aren’t doing Dry January, and are mourning the loss of the Christmas festive period with a pint or five in the pub – why not liven things up with a pub quiz round all about the subject closest to our hearts? (That’s books by the way.)

See how many of these you can get, and share the challenge with friends.


  1. In The Shining, what was the name of the hotel the Torrances stayed in?

  2. In the book One Day, which university do Dexter and Emma study at?

  3. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, what does Harry give to Mr Malfoy in order to free Dobby?

  4. What is Harper Lee’s follow up title to To Kill a Mockingbird?

  5. Who wrote the famous novel Jaws?

  6. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, what did the White Witch give to Peter to eat?

  7. In the novel Dune, what is the most valuable substance in the universe?

  8. Game of Thrones is set in Westeros but what is the name of the capital?

  9. In the film adaptation of The Girl on the Train coming out in 2016, who will play Rachel Watson?

  10. In the series His Dark Materials, what is the proper name of the golden compass Lyra is given?

  11. In Pride and Prejudice, which of the five sisters is first to marry?

  12. Which popular series is fan fiction Fifty Shades of Grey based on?

  13. In the film adaptation of Jodi Picoult’s book My Sister’s Keeper, who plays Sara Fitzgerald?

  14. Which of these is not a David Mitchell novel:
    • - Black Swan Green
    • - The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
    • - number5dream

  15. Judith Kerr writes about an animal who comes for tea but what is the animal?

  16. In Gone Girl, what kind of business does Nick Dunne open in his home town?

  17. Which famous football manager has recently released a book with the title Leading?  

  18. The book Make Me by Lee Child features which famous protagonist?

  19. What is the name of the starship with the Infinite Improbability Drive in The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy?

  20. In A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh, how does Pooh attempt to get honey from the bees?:
    • - He makes a giant catapult and launches himself up the tree
    • - He disguises himself as a little black raincloud and floats up the tree with a big blue balloon
    • - He makes some very tall stilts and pretends to be just passing by on his way somewhere and says howdy-do to the bees very politely


Answers (no cheating!):

  1. The Overlook Hotel

  2. Edinburgh University

  3. A dirty sock

  4. Go Set a Watchman

  5. Peter Benchley

  6. Turkish Delight

  7. Spice

  8. King’s Landing

  9. Emily Blunt

  10. Alethiometer

  11. Lydia

  12. Twilight

  13. Cameron Diaz

  14. number5dream

  15. A tiger

  16. A bar

  17. Alex Ferguson 

  18. Jack Reacher

  19. The Heart of Gold

  20. He disguises himself as a little black raincloud and floats up the tree with a big blue balloon