DIY bookshelves

7 DIY bookshelf ideas

22 Jul 2015

The pride and joy of any bookish person is their book collection. Whether a few books lovingly stacked on a single shelf or a hoard of books piled on top of each other constantly poised to topple over, books are objects that can add character to any room. There are, however, more interesting ways to display your collection than picking up that £11 bookshelf from IKEA and they’re far easier than you might expect.

The Quick and Simple One

quick and simple bookshelves

This is a very simple idea that you can do using any boxes left around the house, or you could even pick some up fairly cheap from a charity shop, or DIY store. You can paint them any colour you want for an individual touch, then just stack and/or nail them on top of each other, facing outwards, and place your book babies inside.

Building Blocks for Books

building blocks bookshelves

For a rustic touch, you’ll just need a few bricks, which you can probably hunt down fairly easily. Evenly pile them on top of each other, with the wood cutting in between them to act as your shelves.

A Crate Idea

Crate bookshelves

This one takes inspiration from crates or palettes, and would make a cosy home for any book collection. Copy the ones below and add some varnish and scrape away to give a more unfinished look to the crates, then stick/nail them up on your wall. Find a more detailed tutorial at

For the Inner Hipster in You

ladder bookshelves

All you’ll need for this is a ladder (easily found shivering in your shed, abandoned till you need the Christmas tree from the attic) and a few planks of wood. Voilà, a bookshelf worthy of any bibliophile. You could also take things to the next level by hitching the ladder up to the wall at an angle to create an even more striking presentation.

Drawer-ing Inspiration from Around You

drawer bookshelves

Any drawer will do for this. Cut out some wrapping paper, posters or pictures for the lining to add an extra spruce to your shelves, then slide your books on in. Your book display will feel modern and will be easily able to brag to their viewers about what they entail. A full tutorial is available at


Television bookshelf

This one will emit squeals from even the most cynical of readers. Use your old TV as a way of showing off your collection in a quirky and highly individualistic way. You can guarantee your friends will be oo-ing and ahh-ing over your collection with something like this!

The One That’s Probably Not Achievable But is Absolutely Awesome

Piano bookshelves

If you have an unused piano casually hanging around then this is the one for you! It might take you a while to clear it out, chop off its legs, and basically dismember it while adding in a few shelves, but you’ll definitely be the envy of all your friends with this hanging in your living room.