Fi Cotter Craig

Fi Cotter-Craig

Fi Cotter-Craig is a television producer and lives in Norfolk and London. She is whip thin, a man-magnet and very occasionally tells dreadful lies.
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The Middle-Class ABC

Fi Cotter-Craig, Zebedee Helm
Fi Cotter-Craig, Zebedee Helm

The Middle Class ABC is the book loos, bedside tables and farmers markets the length and breadth of the land have been waiting for - a humorous celebration of the facts (some are even true) and foibles, manners and mores, peccadilloes and armadillos, of contemporary British middle-class life.Letter by letter, the occasionally clever, witty and absurd observations and cartoons will ring true for all good Middlings. WARNING: you might even recognize your own or your friends' choices of children's names, foodie fads, holiday destinations . . . Crammed with affectionately teasing jokes and some truly dreadful puns, this is a book to enjoy at any time of the year in the course of going about one's business.

'Indispensable and entirely charming' Stephen Fry

The Middle Class ABC


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