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Nicholas Brealey Publishing was eponymously founded way back in 1992 to publish a select list of enduring and forward thinking books focusing on big ideas and practical wisdom - alongside original voices in narrative non-fiction, notably in Travel and Adventure writing. This eclectic, curated approach to vigorously publishing only what’s new, special and well worth reading proved successful across the world and is very much our continued focus.

As well as continuing to publish distinctive and exciting titles, we boast perennial bestsellers that are mainstays of their genre. The company has an award-winning list of books on coaching and leadership, personal development and popular psychology, smart thinking and the ‘big ideas’ in business and economics. We are home to some notable books, including the topical The Trouble with Europe, the bestselling The 80/20 Principle trilogy by Richard Koch, and the 50 Classics Series by Tom Butler-Bowdon on ‘the literature of possibility’. Our authors are some of the leading voices in their fields, including award-winning economist Roger Bootle, organizational development experts Peter Senge and Arie de Geus, and in psychology such internationally renowned renowned authors as Richard Nisbett, Gary Klein and Martin Seligman.

With offices in London and Boston, our list has expanded and developed over more than two decades of international publishing. From our roots as a publisher of global business books including Richard Lewis’ When Cultures Collide and Fons Trompenaars’ Riding the Waves of Culture, we went on to acquire Intercultural Press in the US and an outstanding list of cross-cultural titles.

We publish the world’s bestselling list of Coaching books, starting with Sir John Whitmore’s Coaching for Performance which has sold a million copies worldwide over its four editions, and then the leading US guide Co-Active Coaching with the acquisition of Davies-Black some years later, also expanding our list of books on leadership, human resources, career development and personality type (including the classic Gifts Differing.)

We are proud to publish a world-class list of travel writing titles, including FT Book of the Year Swiss Watching, 2015 Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year finalist Walking the Woods and the Water, and the ever-popular Around India in 80 Trains. Swiss Watching and the recent Why the Dutch are Different are two of a growing number of titles on our list that paint a contemporary portrait of a people, its country and its culture.

Now in its 24th year, Nicholas Brealey Publishing joined Hachette UK in June 2015 as part of John Murray Press. With The Gilded Chalet forthcoming this winter and looking forward to Spring 2016 highlights The Greats on Leadership and Dare to Do, Sarah Outen’s riveting account of her 30,000 mile, five-year loop of the planet by pedal and paddle, we are confident that this next chapter will be one of the most successful yet.