About JM Learning – an imprint of John Murray Press

About JM Learning

John Murray Learning is the professional and personal development imprint of John Murray Press, home to books that provide the route to personal and professional success in addition to the world’s largest list of language courses. Our publishing is characterized by our passion, expertise and heritage which spans over three centuries. We publish titles of distinction that have successfully helped tens of millions of people worldwide to achieve their goals.

We are home to some of the most acclaimed and admired learning brands including Teach Yourself, Michel Thomas and, of course, Chambers.

Since its conception in 1938, Teach Yourself has become the trusted brand for over 60 million readers, offering over 500 titles in total and currently the world’s largest publisher of foreign language courses.

The highly acclaimed Michel Thomas Method language courses have been perfected over decades of teaching business leaders, politicians and Hollywood stars and allow learners to understand and speak a new language naturally in just a few hours.

Chambers is the word lovers’ choice, established in 1872; the Chambers Dictionary contains more words and phrases than any other single-volume English dictionary on the market. Defined as standing out ‘like a baroque mansion in a city of faceless concrete’ by Melvyn Bragg, Chambers is characterized by its amusing definitions and quirky lexicographical insights.

Teach Yourself Languages

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Teach Yourself Everything

All That Matters

Elisabeth Smith

Michel Thomas


Chinese with Mike

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